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What is Niche Profit Classroom? It is a training, in simplest words. Training that to help you build websites that making you money.

But, before explaining more about what it is, who is behind it and how it can help you build an online wealth, I want to write a bit about the correlation of Niche Profit Classroom and TheBlogCourse first intent of creation.

Back in the day I was about to start this website from scratch, before I decide to buy domain name, there is a strong spirit on me to make a website that is resourceful for fellow online publishers and internet marketers.

I know some friends in this online marketing business getting traction by learning the hard way that is mostly time consuming and risky. That including me :) It is painful and I am sure I never made it unless I have a day job that can tackle my needs.

So knowing that there is such a program like Niche Profit Classroom, I feel like blown away and think that I just have to make a post about it, so that you can get the benefit of it as quick as possible and get you on your success FAST!

What is Niche Profit Classroom? Again.

Niche Profit Classroom is a program designed by Adam Short who have 8 years of internet marketing experience, he learned his success from countless fails.

Until he found this method while building 8 websites that continuously making money for him. He then analyze the actions and simplify it on his second attempt to build new websites. Later on, he has about 300 this kind of money making websites.

Enough of the background, now what Niche Profit Classroom REALLY are? It is a training for you to learn online marketing.

What makes Niche Profit Classroom different?

What makes Niche Profit Classroom different from the others is it will give you TONS of tools and video resources to start your niche websites tomorrow.

How can Niche Profit Classroom turn you into webmaster overnight? Because inside of it you will know the importance of creating niche specific website with the best possible method to monetize it.

Once you understand the principle and method, then know how exactly to start it, you’ve already a webmaster!

Tools and Resources you get from Niche Profit Classroom

I just registering this morning, and after looking inside the member area on the website, I can safely confirm that there are tons of tools, including;

  • Over 600 step-by-step videos on how to go about making money online
  • Easy, step-by-step VISUAL blueprints you can follow to get your websites up and running quickly and making you money.
  • Software that finally automates the tedious stuff, like finding markets, building a website, getting traffic, and more.
  • Weekly *live* members-only coaching where that help you past your sticking points fast.

Inside Niche Profit Classroom

I will let you see what you will find on the inside the member area and give you some more pictures to help you understand how good to part of this training.

Niche Profit Classroom - InsideInside Niche Profit Classroom – Training

To make this post stay quick and informative, I start from Training menu where you will get 2 sub-menu; The Classroom and Niche Profit Media Center.

The Classroom will give you full video training about 4 level to create money making websites. This levels are meant to differentiate the method you monetize your website, from Google AdSense, single product affiliation, multi-product affiliation and as vendor (product owner).

Niche Profit Classroom LevelsNiche Profit Media Center on the other side will give you more than enough resources to learn online marketing and mastering almost all of the aspect online marketing. You will be a marketing ninja!

Niche Profit ClassroomThat can be overwhelming, if don’t select the material wisely to start learning. But given all of that how can you resist the initial trial period that only cost you $1?

Inside Niche Profit Classroom – Software

Inside the Software menu, there are dozens of tools you can use to start doing something matter from what you learn from the classroom.

To help you start building website that make make you money, you can use Market Profiler, Keyword Advantage, Niche Profit Press Ultimate, Mini-Course Wizard, Sales Letter Wizard, and Optin Page Wizard.

In addition of the training and tools you can just start your website by using Niche Profit web hosting too. That is why setting up your website can be done just by the next day, because all the resources and tools are awaiting.

Your money making engine just need you to push the button to start rolling.

Signup for Niche Profit Classroom Now!

I can’t tell you more about what you will get, I prefer to keep them on the shadow :) But I strongly advise you to just signup for Niche Profit Classroom NOW!

It only cost you $1 to start your 14 days trial. You can even cancel at any time during that trial period – which most member never do – and keep what you already get from Niche Profit Classroom.

What are you waiting for? Signup now. Thank me later.

On Page SEO Optimization using SEO Content Helper [Plus Review]

On page SEO Optimization is one activity that you must do every time you create a blog post. Why? Because if we don’t optimize our content with the best on page SEO optimization we simply guarantee that there will be no one reading our post.

Oh, you may think I am lying, right? But I don’t. Because by doing SEO optimization, we guarantee we know what we are writing about, we keep focused on the thing we want to share to our reader.

The Steps of doing On Page SEO Optimization

The steps of doing on page SEO optimization divided into three, preparation, execution and finally perfection. We will using SEO Content Helper WordPress plugin to make this optimization easier. With a little help from my SEO plugin I use here, SEO Ultimate.

On Page SEO optimization Preparation

  1. Pick the keyword you want your article to be appear on Google. Example keyword: create SEO optimized content, my previous post.
  2. Make sure you really know what you are planning to write! Picking a keyword doesn’t mean to be solely trying to fool Google, you must have the responsibility to deliver the real value to your reader. If you don’t really know that, I suggest that you to just STOP RIGHT NOW. Because if you proceeding I guarantee you will only write mediocre article no one want to read or even share.

On Page SEO Optimization Execution

  1. Start writing your post title, make sure it is engaging and have the focus keyword on it.
  2. SEO Content Helper has two keyword slots, where you can insert the main target keyword and the second target keyword on it. Just put that keywords there. This is the final On Page SEO optimization I did on the post I mentioned before.On Page SEO Optimization using SEO Content Helper
  3. Write an interesting opening paragraph, this is the first step for you to keep your reader reading your article.
  4. Continue to write your engaging content until at least 500 words, with your focus keyword inserted carefully to some important part. These parts are: Post title, heading, and image alt tags.
  5. Use SEO Content Helper to keep on track of that keywords, save your post periodically to see what you need to do to improve it. Click on that SEO analyzer tab for detailed information.
  6. Make your post perfect, keep the main keywords balanced with the second keywords and the content in overall.
  7. Remember! Don’t ruin your post with repeating your keywords again and again, keep in mind to make it a pleasure for your reader to read the article.

Perfecting On Page SEO Optimization using SEO Ultimate

This perfection done by;

1). Creating a better title tag, where you can make it different with the post title itself. Tittle tag will appear on top of the browser window and Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

While the post title is what the user will see on top of your article. You can add up to 70 words here.

2). Write your meta description, this is the part of the words will be displayed beneath your post title on the Google’ SERP. You can write up to 140 words

My Review: How SEO Content Helper Helped On Page SEO Optimization

SEO Content Helper offer you with 2 keywords to be optimized, it is better than using Yoast SEO plugin that only offer one keyword. That a plus, though SEO content helper can’t help to create title tag and meta description like Yoast SEO and SEO Ultimate.

But that’s OK, since this is not how it means to be. Content Optimization is what it designed for. So I give 4 stars for SEO Content Helper.

Better on page SEO Optimization plugins for WordPress?

There is one WordPress SEO plugin that will replace them all, it can do on page SEO optimization better than SEO content helper, it also allow you to add title and meta description, rich snippet for review, event, product, people and recipes.

This WordPress plugin for on page SEO optimization, called SEOPerssor.

On Page SEO Optimization

I use that plugin for creating this post. Even better, I get score about how good my SEO Optimization is.

How to Create SEO Optimized Content and Dominate Google SERP?

Creating SEO optimized content is a really hard work if you don’t know what are the criteria used by Google about SEO Optimized content. It makes you mad to create dozens of content but you never dominate Google SERP.

Be cool, today I will help you to get to know it. You’ll get the grasp of how to create SEO optimized content and deliver your post into the Google’s page one.

But before that, I want to give you a screenshot about what TheBlogCourse really perform on the SERP.

Create SEO optimized Content

This is where one of my post about SEO smart Links perform on Google SERP right now as I write this post. It is not really dominate Google SERP, but it is cool for this little blog,, to rank higher than WPBeginner or even Search Engine Journal.

Please note that I use private browsing to guarantee my personal history and preferences did not affect that search result. Click the whole search result screenshot to see this blog dominate Google SERP.

So, how do I create SEO optimized content?

This is all about on page optimization, it’s about keyword placement.

And when it comes to on page SEO optimization it is easy. Unlike off page SEO where we need to use Link Building Software, on page SEO is simpler and easier to accomplish.

There are three WordPress plugins to help you create SEO optimized content I will discuss here. They are, Yoast’ WordPress SEO Plugins, SEO Content Helper and Scribe Content (paid one) from Copyblogger Media.

All of these WordPress SEO Plugins work on a similar way, first they require you to tell them what is the main keyword of the post you are about to make. After that, they automatically check where you put that keyword in your post and give you the information how to improve.

WordPress Plugins to create SEO Optimized content to dominate Google SERP

I want to give detailed information for each of these plugins, but I am afraid that you will run away for seeing the length of this post, are you? I hope not :)

If you aren’t afraid, here we go.

1. Create SEO Optimized content using Yoast SEO Plugins

As I mentioned before, this is about keywords placement. So the first this is to decide, what is your keyword. Here is an example of my post on my another site;

Dominate Google SERP with Yoast

See at the focus keyword field, I fill it with “using manageWP” and below the focus keyword, as I progressing to write the post, the plugins show me where I put that keyword on the post. It always updated every time I save the post.

Don’t forget to edit your SEO title, which in default will use the post title, you can make it different here. While meta description is filled with brief explanation about the content itself.

For more explanation about what you may have missed, check the Page Analysis tab right after the current tab. Here is how it looks like;

Dominate Google SERP with YoastDon’t forget to check this post: Teach Yourself about SEO using Yoast SEO Plugin

2. Create SEO Optimized content using SEO Content Helper

Create SEO optimized Content using SEO content helperUnlike WordPress SEO by Yoast (Yoast SEO), SEO content helper won’t clutter your dashboard with many setting, I prefer to put it on on the right, side by side with the post editor window so that I can see it clearly.

You see the image on the left, that is the target keyword for this post, “create seo optimized content

Not just giving simpler user interface, SEO content helper also gives me a slot for second target keyword, “dominate Google SERP

Your post also scored each time you save it. In addition there are keyword highlighter in two different view, and keyword density and images alt tag monitoring. To create SEO optimized content is simpler using this plugin.

3. Create SEO Optimized content using Scribe SEO

First, using this plugin will be like CHEATING.

Second, to be honest I myself not yet using the plugin. All the information below coming from this page. But considering how good Copyblogger’s product like Genesis Framework, and how Internet Marketers love them it’s save to say that the information is solid. Agree?

Scribe SEO also called Scribe Content or simply Scribe, it is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin to handle on page optimization and help you dominate Google SERP. Why?

Because it is the only one that NOT only asking you about what you are going to write. Scribe will suggest you about your next content instead. Great, right?

Keyword Research using Scribe

Once you have a keyword in mind, scribe will help you do research about that keyword. Scribe will show you suggestion from Google based on how people use the search engine, complete with the keyword popularity and competition score.

Not just using Google’s feed about that keywords, you can also retrieve what people are talking about that keyword in twitter and Google+. This can help you create a convincing headline.

For more information before you create the post, Scribe will rank your website compared to the others already dominating Google SERP on that particular keyword. It will tell you how good your website are based on your content score, link score, page authority and social media shares.

Analyzing your post

Once the draft is created, you can analyze the post to better it’s relevancy with your website based from the content already published. The page itself also analyzed and getting improvement suggestion based on some parameters like the previous two.

Link Building/social analysis

This is the most tricky feature of scribe I think, though we were already cheating from the start :lol:

This part is where Scribe help link building by analyzing websites that already have higher authority about your target keyword and/or social media posts about that keywords. That way you can connect with them, engage and go guest blogging on them to help your website rank higher.

Ready to Create SEO Optimized Content?

Yeah, you got them, three of the best weapon to create a post that is fully optimized to dominate Google SERP.

You asking for download links? Yeah, this is it the page that you should visit to download the free Yoast’ WordPress SEO and SEO Content Helper.

Click here to buy Scribe SEO, the subscription starts at $67.00/month, you will be able to optimize 700 keyword searches on unlimited websites.

One last reminder.

Don’t create SEO Optimized content by only repeating your target keywords every where on the post. Keep in mind to focus on delivering value to your reader. If they like your post, the will more likely share it to wider audience. Google is clever enough to rank higher – or ban – your website now.

I hope this post will really help you as I know it is. Ask your question on the comment section if you have any. And don’t forget to share it to your community. Thanks.

Create Natural Backlink using UltimateDemon Link Building Software

Create natural backlink on other websites with relevant topic to our website is the best way to promote our website. From an SEO perspective it also helps to increase our position in Google search page.

Creating natural backlink is really the most effective way to increase traffic, invite more people to visit our website. And we know that more people means money to website owner like us.

How many links you need to ranks higher? No one can give you the number. But for most of us optimizing website, the more is the better, thousands if we can.

How to Create Natural Backlink Quickly?

You are in luck to read this post. Because I am about to tell you that there are dozens of web 2.0 services (like WordPress, Tumblr and Medium), social bookmarking, article directories, web/RSS directories, video submission, wikies and document websites like Slideshare where you can put your backlinks for free.

You can register to those services, create meaningful content with link to your website on some services then bookmark it on the others. Great, right?

The problem is that it can be frustrating and time consuming to do so. Your time is limited, you also need to create content on your own website, do research, optimizing. Most of us, website owner have a very limited time window to do that all. This link building things is impossible!

What if I told you it is possible? Because there is one of the best link building software to do that heavy lifting for you.

What a Link Building Software is?

It is a software that will help you create accounts on the sites I mention before, and then help you to submit your content with almost unlimited content variation/spins for a single article/material you create to promote your website.

Boom, with a little action, dozens of links created. This link building software is named UltimateDemon.

create natural backlink using ultimatedemon

How UltimateDemon will help you create natural backlinks?

Once installed, the first thing you need is to provide combination of names, usernames, passwords to UltimateDemon. All account will be created in a single actions.

The next things to do to create natural backlink is finding websites you already registered (thanks to UltimateDemon, you have dozens now) related to the content you are about to create, select the best category on them, and start writing just like the way you write every day.

This video will show you how it is done for you.

How to get UltimateDemon?

This is a powerful tool increase your traffic by creating natural backlinks. So it is no wonder that you have to pay to be able to use it.

You can buy UltimateDemon with two pricing options, I believe this pricing is for good. If you just want to try, use the monthly package that only cost you $47. And if you want more, you can buy it $397 for once (limited offer).

Note: Almost forget, there also guides to help you get started to use UltimateDemon to create natural backlink quickly. Both in video format and PDF, You will become link builder ninja soon :)