Best Screencast & Video Editor Program for Windows to Make Tutorials

Creating video tutorial is common for today bloggers and web publishers, because by creating video tutorial/screencast it will save you time and help create a better understanding to your readers. But choosing one that provides the best value for us is sometimes tricky, because there are so many screencast application we can try.

All this trying-things could be time consuming if you have never had any experience before. You have no imagination about what are the ideal capabilities of your video editor to make the best screencast ever. And the aim of this post is to tell you all about that with the best software of your choice based on your preference and budget.

The standard of screencast application/software?

Is it good to have an application that just grab your screen and publish the video as is? Or do you need a software which offer you editing capabilities to make your video more interesting, informative and convincing?

The answer is of course you need the one with more capabilities to shine-up your video, because good video (i.e with additional explanation bubble) will guarantee that your reader will understand what your video is about.

So, the best screencast software must;

  • able to record your screen
  • able to edit the video (cut and join, annotation, blurring, effect, transition, add audio, etc) prior to publishing.

And based on that standard and my experience doing some screencasts, I will provide you the best screencast application for windows with editing capabilities. Three applications will be discussed here; AVS Video Editor, BB Flashback and Camtasia Studio.

AVS Video Editor vs Camtasia Studio vs BB Flashback Pro

In this comparison, I will cover about the software interface, ease of use (adding text boxes / bubbles, blur) and the most important aspect is their price. I try all of these three software, not the full version eventually.

But I can tell you that the full version of Camtasia Studio and AVS Video Editor has no difference that the trial version, they works the same except the time limit of usage (Camtasia) and added watermark on video created using a trial version of AVS Video Editor.

For BB Flashback, it’s a little bit different. The Express version didn’t give me much shiny feature to try.

1. User Interface

Camtasia and AVS Video Editor, two of there screencast software for windows are relatively similar, divided into three main area; upper left as the source media we can put on the lower area mostly know as timeline, and the upper right is the preview area.

Best Screencast Application for Windows - AVS Video EditorThe Media Area consisted from several tabs, from images, video clips, audio, transition and so on. While the timeline is our battle ground to edit our video like cut them and add effect, texts, bubble, audio/music and every things else.

Best Screen Recorder  Sofware for Windows - Camtasia Studio 8The difference between AVS Video Editor and Camtasia Studio timeline is that AVS Video Editor has predefined LINE of content (video, overlays, audio mix, picture, effect, texts etc). You can add more item in every line as we need more than one line. But you can not move their order from top to bottom.

In Camtasia Studio this slot of content named Track. Track is flexible enough to be filled with anything you wish, you can add different kind of content on the same track as long as they don’t overlap. If you have content need to overlap each other you can create more tracks as you want.

Windows screen recorder and video editor - BB FlashBack Express PlayerBB Flashback Express player is the editor for video we recorded using BB Flashback Express Record. The interface is as pictured above.There is no media pane but toolbars on the upper part of the program, timeline and preview window at the bottom.

2. Ease of Use

These screen recorder software for Windows don’t require a lot of time to learn, they are pretty simple to use. Screencast require basic edit, the problem in using these software are to know how to do things from the first time, once you know it, that is pretty simple.

BB Flashback Express

BB Flashback Express didn’t give full capabilities to users, you need to buy the pro version to be able to edit your video. On the Express version, you can only edit the appearance of mouse highlight and setting rectangular area of the video. And then export the video into AVI or flash format.

But on the standard/pro version, you can add a lot more effect. Your video can even become interactive according to this video. Since I don’t have more experience rather than record the movie and exporting into AVI, if you want to learn more about BB Flashback pro, you can check this videos.

Camtasia Studio

How easy is to use Camtasia Studio?

It’s pretty easy, for bloggers needs like adding text caption, cutting, adding and adjusting music and back sound or even blurring your critical info on your tutorial, you just need to learn it a couple of time.

If you need to add a callouts for example, navigate away to callouts tab, then drop callouts you want to add on the timeline. Next, adjust the size and position by clicking the object on the timeline to activate the object on the video preview, then do your edit as simple as re-sizing an image in Word Processors.

editing using camtasia studio

Every item will display setting and customization option only by clicking the item on the timeline/track. Controlling an audio for example, once it inserted in the timeline and activated, you can increase and decrease the volume or add fade-in and fade-out in one click.

For a complete reference, you may check the video tutorial collection on their website.

AVS Video Editor

How easy is AVS Vedio Editor?

Not really that different than the previous software, AVS Video Editor only need a steep learning curve too.

It is better than Camtasia for you that want to have your assets better organized though, because as I write before, every kind of material has their predefined LINE.

Best screen recorder and video editor on Windows - AVS Video EditorThough you can add more than one movie or audio to overlap each other, you can find it quickly when you need to edit it because the you only need to look at their respective LINE, no need to look the whole line, up from the bottom.

Screen capture software windows - AVS Video Editor - Edit Effect

Another operation like cutting your video and audio on the line happened in one click. Add video effect like blur then edit them in their effect properties also pretty easy. The effects seems to be endless to try.

3. Best Price

With all the easiness they offer that almost on the same level I think, these screen recorder software for Windows have a wide difference when it comes to pricing.

The most expensive one is Camtasia Studio that will require you to spend almost $300 to obtain it’s license.

The second most expensive is BB Flashback Pro that will cost you $200 for it’s ability to add annotation and full edit your video. While the Standard version which offer annotation feature, only cost you $90.

In other hand, AVS Video Editor will surprise you for only costing you $60 with additional 15 software from That is also far better option rather than their yearly subscription for $40. AVS4YOU Unlimited + Subscription, Yearly Subscription.

The Recap: Best screen recorder software for Windows:

Before you decide to buy which Screen Recorder software to start making tutorials, I want to recap this comparison just to make it more clear for you about the advantage/disadvantage.


BB Flashback Pro/Standard: Pretty simple editor with capabilities to make an interactive video.

Camtasia Studio: Very easy to use with unrestricted object positioning on every track. Theme is also a big advantage to help you build your branding identity.

AVS Video Editor: Simplicity at your hand, better management of objects on their predefined line. With additional video, audio, image and more multimedia tools at your disposal for a very low cost – lowest than all – it’s irresistible. I personally choose AVS Video Editor!


BB Flashback: The UI is a bit uncommon, there is no blurring effect rather than adding balloon. Relatively expensive for that value.

Camtasia Studio: The unrestricted tracks could be advantage but also can make you feels like lost, especially if you work with video with a lot of objects in it. The most expensive one, too expensive I think.

AVS Video Editor: Need to click object properties to edit them further like re-size and moving things around.

This is all, i hope by this comparison I can help you to choose the best screen/video recorder software for you. Thanks for reading.

WP Affiliate Platform, WordPress Affiliate Program Management by Tips and Trick HQ

Recently, I wrote a post about Affiliate Royale, a WordPress affiliate plugins that will add affiliate capabilities into your WordPress website. That including a simple registration page for affiliates, a dashboard for them to see the links and statistic, and a profile page for them to edit their details.

For you as site owner, you can add links and promotional material, see how your program progresses, and then pay your affiliates. That is pretty simple and straight. That could be the best WordPress affiliate plugins for you, but I don’t want to force you to use one product without considering and look at alternative product.

WP Affiliate Platform by Tips and Trick HQ is another product I will point you if you ask me for alternative. WP Affiliate Platform is a plugin with more features compared to Affiliate Royale, needless to tell, WP affiliate platform offer you more options in a lower price.

WP Affiliate Platform

WP Affiliate Platform Features

Building a solid affiliate website using WordPress requires a plugin with complete features, and here is where WP Affiliate Platform will back you up;

1. Easy installation

Installing WP Affiliate platform is just like installing any other WordPress plugins, off course you know how to do that, aren’t you?

2. Real time reporting

All your clicks, sales and commissions are tracked and displayed right at the moment they are happened. Affiliates credited for every confirmed sales just after the sales ocurred.

3. Two tier affiliate structure

Allowing your affiliates to refer more affiliates, so that your network can grow rapidly to speed up your success.

4. Easy management

Easily manage your ads code and see all the things about statistic. Your affiliates will also be able to manage their account as easy as you. You can even add a sales copy to be used by your affiliates, assure them to use it as an idea to develop their own content.

5. Autoresponder integration

You can use Autoresponders (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse). This way the affiliates automatically get signed up to your list/campaign for email marketing purpose.

6. Easy integration with popular WordPress shopping carts and hosted shopping cart

Using WP Affiliate Platform will also make it easy to integrate with your shopping cart (if you already using one) like WooCommerce, eShop, Shopp plugin, Cart66, GetShopped WP-eCommerce plugin and WP Shopping Cart and WordPress eStore (another product by Tips and Trick HQ).

You can also integrate WP Affiliate platform with hosted carts like e-Junkie, FoxyCart and Ecwid.

7. Complete documentation with unlimited license

You can find great documentation from the website or contact the support team if you need more helps. This WordPress affiliate plugins handed over to you with unlimited license, buy it once and use on as many websites you own.

WP Affiliate Platform Plugin Demo

Before buying, you may be curious , how exactly the plugins will work and how easy the setup really is. Don’t worry, you can take a test drive by trying the plugin demo.

Buy the WordPress Affiliate Platform

To buy this WordPress affiliate plugins you can click here (affiliate link). The plugin often bought together with WP eStore plugin with a $19.95 discount.

The Best Plugin as WordPress Stats Replacement

Knowing your blog/website statistic is a really important aspect of blogging you should took care of. Because without knowing anything about the numbers, you will be left blind and never know what really happened to your blog.

Knowing how people find your blog from search engine, how many times a post read, websites referring reader to your blog, what people are clicking on your website are really important. Because without this, you can never measure, you can never improve your website to the next level.

And when you start blogging using WordPress, I am sure WordPress Stats is the one that you already familiar and may be fallen in love with. Me too, been using it for a very long time, I can’t resist to using it because it is simple and easy to understand.

Why We Need WordPress Stats Replacement?

If I fell in love with WordPress Stats, and WordPress Stats is simply working and display information we need, why should I think that it need a replacement?

Because it slow downs our blog, and we need more data now. Back to the day when JetPack as the bundle where WordPress Stats a part of not yet released, Stats is an independent plugin. It load relatively faster compared with today performance because the bundling effect.

JetPack sucking your server performance because it contain too many modules. It getting worse because there are more module added into Jetpack and it turned on by default.

You can see how JetPack eats your server resource compared to other by using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) Plugin.

The data displayed is simply working but not really informative. For example, when people looking for a certain term then come to our blog. We never know how good our blog ranked. Is it on the top of the page, in the middle of even the latest one from the listing?

We never know a user visiting what page after the first page and for how long he staying. You don’t know where in the earth your reader is, you can see it on but so many of us are never do so when we on self hosted blog.

I hope that already make you aware how WordPress Stats bloat your blog and lack in features, now you perhaps asking what is the best WordPress Stats Alternative?

Best Plugin As WordPress Stats Alternative

There are at least about three plugins I ever try to use as WordPress stats replacement / alternative. I tried WP Slimstats, WassUp and Clicky. But for the best, Clicky is the best one for some reasons.

Even all three plugins over something like spy view to see what a visitor are looking at our blog, page after page. But Clicky do it far better, because it have a lot more features like the easy to understand UI though it have more data to show. This is one example how the data is easy to read;

WordPress stat Replacement, Clicky time engagemenetYou still can short the data by the number of action, the best traffic source etc. And the most useful feature that may be Google can’t even in it with Google Analytics is heatmaps which showing you how user read (see) and click elements on your blog.

WordPress stat alternative - Clicky heatmaps feature

That’s a killer feature, because you will know where user are looking at, you can do split testing to better your conversion from it, changing button color, changing position based on the data.

This is the full premium feature of clicky web analytics;

Clicky Premium Features

Need more info about Clicky, the best WordPress Stat Alternative?

I can’t tell you so much more rather than let you see, dozen features brought to you by Clicky. Once you try it, I believe you will fall in love. Just check Clicky now.


Optimize Your Website by Using Yoast Website Review Service

When we are running a website, it is often that we stuck on a condition where there seems to be a problem on our website because there is no slight improvement in it. No increased traffic, no readers comments or feedback and even conversion :(

That happen a lot to us. Especially if we just starting to build websites, I were struggling on this kind of problem too as I started blogging back in 2007.

What can be wrong about your website?

You probably asking to yourself, what it is wrong by your website so that it isn’t working like what you hope? There are many, so many that you don’t know because you are new.

Things like page speed, cleanse of source code, page structure, colors, navigation, SEO, links to your websites. They are all matter, and you may have no idea about how to do it right?

Yoast Website Review Service

A website review service may be the best solution you can obtain. Because it will guarantee you a quick improvement to your website.

One of the best available website review service is Yoast Website Review. Yoast is the developer of one of the most popular WordPress SEO Plugin which downloaded over 11 million times.

Yoast already building and optimizing websites, dozens of them for years, so there is no question about their expertise. Some of their BIG clients including ebay, facebook, The Guardian. But they also handling small website, because they love it.

Yoast Website Review Service

How Yoast Website Review Works?

This review run over your website is done manually, they take a look at your website, seeing part by part and deciding which of your website part or aspect need to be improved.

It is not like if you use a software, because every decision made to improve your website come from a real human thought, decided from Yoast’ team improving websites.

Come, see more explanation by visiting Yoast website review here.