AppThemes Vantage; WordPress Application Theme for Business Directory

AppThemes Vantage is a WordPress Application Theme to make a beautiful business directory. If you plan to make a business directory website that will list every business around your town, Vantage is the best WordPress themes you can use to make your site come real and start to make money.

Why Using AppThemes Vantage?

Because AppThemes Vantage is not just a wordpress theme, it is an app themes, a special themes aimed for a special purpose. AppThemes is the pioneer of this kind of themes, there is no other WordPress related startups providing the same service.

Vantage is the most popular business directory theme for WordPress. It’s powerful, robust, and easy to use. That’s not all — Vantage is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices.

AppThemes Vantage

Using Vantage you can create your business directory website in no time. Quit messing around with other directory themes that only cause headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance. Vantage is simple and pain-free. Within minutes of downloading AppThemes Vantage, you can create the killer directory site you’ve always dreamed of.

AppThemes Vantage Features

Vantage is not just making your job easy from its nature by skipping your job to customize your themes. AppThemes Vantage will also power your site with dozen advantage that you will feel blessed. Here are they:

1. Easy Setup

Yes indeed, you can just setup your site one click away after activating AppThemes’ Vantage. Just download Vantage and activate in WordPress with a simple button click and you’re ready. It couldn’t be easier.

2. Flexible, Powerful Pricing Plans to Monetize your Site

What kind of pricing offer you have in mind? Single business listing, featured business on homepage, featured listing on category, multiple pricing level, custom directory pricing? You can have them all, your imagination will be the only limit to the kinds of plans you create.

3. Listing Page, Social Features, User Generated Ratings and Reviews

Every business listing can have their own page, it may contain anything from location, contact info, web and social links, pictures and more. There is also overview tab where business owner have a chance to make a story about their business, to tell reader about their brand.

Both businesses and users can list Facebook and Twitter accounts and AppThemes made sure that Vantage works with important social plugins like ShareThis and Social Connect.

User then also have the ability to rate and make review about a business listing, it is moderate-able so every business owner could control their page. Coming in Vantage 1.1…business owners will be able to respond to reviews.

4. Google Maps Integration and Listing Claim

Using AppThemes Vintage, every business owner can locate where in the world their business exactly are using  location finder. You can also make as many business listing as possible, even before the business owner make it. Mark them as unclaimed, then let business owners claim and pay for the listing.

5. User Dashboard and Favorites

The dashboard is the nerve center for your site’s users; a single page where they have access to all their reviews, contact info, site stats and business listings. There is also “Favorites”! which lets users mark listings as “favorite” so they can view them in their customer dashboard.

6. Not Just a Directory, a Complete SEO Friendly Website

Your site is not just rely on AppThemes Vantage, it is powered by WordPress as the foundation. So all WordPress basic features still resides down there untouchable, you can use it any time you want it. You can help your site growing by creating blog to help your site to rank on Google SERP.

Moreover AppThemes Vantage is a SEO friendly themes, you don’t need to worry about SEO. All you need to do is take care of your business. Oh yes, it also support custom widget like popular categories, related categories, recent listings, recent reviews, single listing map widget, social links, and multiple ad widgets for different locations in the theme.

7. Responsive Design

Responsive design and code means that AppThemes Vantage changes layout for optimal viewing on any device. This means easy reading and navigation with no hassle.

Try AppThemes Vantage

There are too many features you will really love from Vantage, it also something that will be needed for every business directory listing website, not just something cool to have. Try it, prove it and you can thank me later :)

Appthemes vantage - make money

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  1. It is a perfect theme when it comes to directory listings. It’s got all the features that one would expect from a paid directory script. There is a reason, why even WordPress’ founder has praised Appthemes and its products :)

    I’m one of the marketplace sellers at AppThemes. I’ve created a plugin for Vantage called “Vantage Search Auto Suggest” which improves its search functionality. It adds Google like Auto Suggest feature in the search – which drastically improves the user experience of the visitor. The plugin is available at the marketplace of AppThemes :

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