Locked Up!


I have been so long not publishing any post over this blog. I want but I mostly cancel it because I don’t really pleased each time I saw this blog design. It is hard to be a blogger who own a designer perspective too. You will give up to deny your ego to modify the look of your blog.

I can’t get focus on writing. The other consideration is because I used Hybrid, I love some feature, and that badly bring me nowhere each time I want to try using another WordPress theme framework. What I’m used already is post series, I can’t have it if I switch to other theme, unless using plugin.

So I just stop using it now, turn to the stock theme from WordPress 3.5, a lovely theme from the WordPress team. I want to activate this blog again in the near future, but I wonder I can still keep the topic about this all, may be there will be the third version of this blog 😆

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