MetroVibes; Metro WordPress Theme For Blogger and Freelancer

If you are looking for more WordPress theme with windows 8 style design today I come here with a new post introducing a new Windows 8 Metro WordPress theme called MetroVibes, a Metro WordPress Theme designed by ThemeFuse. Click the image below to see the detail on ThemeFuse.

Windows 8 Metro Styled WordPress ThemeWhat I love about ThemeFuse themes is it really friendly for user, you will only download a theme downloader. After the theme downloader is activated you can download the theme you purchase automatically from within your WordPress dashboard.

MetroVibes –  Metro WordPress Themes Features

There are some highlighted  features brought to you by this windows 8 style theme, some of it are:

Great for portofolio

This metro WordPress theme is bound to turn some heads. The elegant and minimalistic look will definitely give a modern vibe to your website and will impress each and every one of your visitors. You can display your portofolio item by 3 or 4 columns, even separated by categories too.

Responsive experience

It doesn’t matter if they use desktops, tablets or smartphones, your visitors will enjoy the same remarkable experience. All the elements scale and resize depending on the device the website is viewed on.

Built-in SEO & marketing

Thes Windows 8 theme alike WordPress themes by ThemeFuse include built-in in the TFuse WordPress framework to help your website reach a higher page ranking on search engines.

Perfect for Freelancer

MetroVibes is a theme that is best fits you as a freelancer, beside the portofolio section I mentioned before, there is also some page templates than will make your freelancing get going faster. You will get a pricing table page, service page and also testimonials too.

Blogging like a Breeze

If you are not a freelancer, it is no problem at all to use this theme. This theme also perfect to be used to your blog as well. You can have a custom home page design, you can have an image slider or video slider in the header, that is perfect if you want to offer something to your reader.

MetroVibes - Windows 8 style Metro WordPress Theme

The design is also flexible, you can have your sidebar on the right side of the main content or on the left of the main content. To create your content faster, there are also dozen of short-code available on the post editor screen.

Check before you Buy

If you want to see MetroVibes in action before you buy, I strongly suggest you to see the demo page. You can also start your blog with a hosting and new domain in one simple package, ThemeFuse have this offer for $69/year.


  1. Hello. I loved your post about MetroVibes theme. I purchased it and wanted to install it on my blogger but the template seems not compatible. Their website does not have tutorial. I would appreciate if you could make a post about how to install and customizing it e.g how to install images on the predefined spaces, how to rename the tabs e.t.c

    Thank you.

    • What? You want to install it on a based blog, that means you have a blog with .blogspot suffix? Sorry, but you will never can do that. This themes is for WordPress, the self hosted one especially.

      If you don’t know what a self hosted WordPress is, you may check my blog post here or here.

      And are you really bought a theme from themefuse? When? As long as I know there is no sales I made yet :(

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