4 Top-Notch WordPress Developer to Check for Top Quality Free Plugins


Sometimes most of bloggers like you and me confused to find a good plugin we want to use to add more functionality to our blog. Checking WordPress plugin directory itself won’t help. There are too many plugins aiming to do the same (or almost same) function, blended with the almost same name too. 23,339 plugins created as I write this post.

More and more developers add new free plugins because it is one of the very effective way to market paid WordPress related products or services. Everyone now see that WordPress is a platform that drives a very strong economic growth.

The simple advice is using the most used plugin for any function you want to add based on your search result on plugin directory. Used by many, that means good. But you can also use the developer profile to make sure that you will get top notch plugins and themes.

Here are list of 4 top-notch plugin developer, most of them already on WordPress for years, have their WordPress development business and contributing to the core development.

1. Konstantin Kovshenin

Top plugin and theme developer - Konstantin Kovshenin

Konstantin Kovshenin is a WordPress developer from Moscow. He working with the WordPress developers at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and many other great things. He not only writes themes and plugins, but also contributing to the WordPress Core. His great plugins including Twitter Embed, Twitter Followers and Twitter Friendly Links, his latest theme is Publish.

2. Alex King

Top plugin and theme developer - Alex KingAn original contributor to WordPress, web developer, founder of Crowd Favorite. Alex King also created Carrington Theme Framework which is a very modular WordPress Theme Framework, too modular when I try it myself 😆 His Famous plugins are Disqus Comment System, ShareThis: Share Buttons and Sharing Analytics, Twitter Tools, the odd-famous WordPress Mobile Edition.

3. Justin Tadlock

Top plugin and theme developer - Justin TadlockGraduated from Auburn University, on 2007, Justin is one of my favorite WordPress developer from Alabama. His greatest creation that I know and using it is Hybrid Framework. It is a theme framework designed with a strong SEO power. It has several child themes to see how the theme is really customizable, even for beginner anything won’t seem that easy.

He runs a membership site for user and developer of Hybrid themes for $29/year, pretty cheap compared to a theme on ThemeForest. Most of his plugins are as improvements the Hybrid theme, but it can also be used on many other WordPress themes. Some handy plugins like Slideshow and Series.

4. Mark Jaquit

Top plugin and theme developer - Mark JaquitMark Jaquith is a Lead Developer on the WordPress core software. He also  a freelance WordPress consultant. He have some hidden gems useful for you like Subscribe to CommentsLogin Logo, Page Links ToWoopra Analytics Plugin and WP101.

More Developer?

I want to include more developer in this list. But it’s looks like I just can’t find the right one. Some great developer like Andrew Nacin or Ian  Stewart are more focused on developing the core and don’t make plugin and theme for general user use.

I also search them only from WordPress.org plugin and developer profiles to make sure their plugin and theme are free and downloadable from plugin and theme directory. If you want more great commercials plugins you may want to check CodeCanyon.

Feel free add your favorite WordPress plugin and theme developer in the comment section. :)

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